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The Brutes of Planet Moiromma [Episode #7] "The Neanderthal Factor" [and Index]

The Brutes of Planet Moiromma

[Part of the: Cadaverous Planets]

Episode 7

The Neanderthal Factor
(and: the Forth & Fifth Scrolls of Planet Moiromma)

Git looked at the wild devil rats, his retreat was cut off, he felt a teeth like chill down his spine, as if they were fangs, 1000-rates now filled the little room and hallways of the great circle of stones, him being in one of the chambers; boldly he started to step over and around the rates, there was no escape, he knew that, should he run, he’d be dead, should he walk, they’d be inquisitive, and they were. Their stone red eyes followed every move he made, the horde swallowed up all the shadows that might have been.
Git had now left the room, he had an intangible feeling—he knew where the #4th Scroll was; thus, he walked down the corridor, slowly, he had nerves of steel this day, perhaps feeling death was eminent and therefore let it be, and excitement at the same time, a discovery was at hand. He entered a large room, it was the tomb of a great leader of old, the coffin, was fourteen feet long, and four feet wide. There below the stone coffin, was a small marble box, he took the lid off, and there was a number of scrolls, he picked one up, the rats now behind him, none entering the tomb though, his hairs prickled up along the sides of his legs—death was eminent, and the door shut, and solitude sunk into his veins. He had never died before: how would it be, he thought, then he read the forth scroll.

Scroll IV: The Neanderthal Factor: “(We: the Comet People) in time took these original primates the ones we took from earth and put them on Moiromma, and injected into their thigh mtDNA, directly into the cell power house, this produced speech, then we encoded the information we wanted—completely, again I repeat, producing speech (this was perhaps 36,000 BC). We duplicated this process on earth, and they (in modern times) called them Neanderthals, but we could never get the DNA factor perfect, Adam and Eve gave us that, which was from a Higher Source than us. In any case, we kept in our species a template to make proteins if we wished, we had about 3000-beings under this experiment on earth, and perhaps that many on Moiromma. When we injected our more primitive species with the DNA, the Neanderthal was born, and we took this same process, and implanted it into the species on earth.”

Scroll V: Transferring: “This transfer of cell structure—modification was done by angelic Watchers on Earth, sometime after the Comet People did there experiments. The Angelic beings, like the Comet People, had no DNA, but sperm the angelic beings did have, not sure if the Comet People did, and so theorized to produce a new breed they had intercourse with women of earth, there kind with Adam’s kind, trying to win favor with Elohim (God of the Universe), thus producing demon-flesh, and giants. Then God called forth a great flood on earth, because of their evil nature. This part of the equation did not take place on Moiromma. Other such beings that were created were Og and Gilgamish, two thirds angelic and one third human, and even Saint Christopher, as he was called, a giant of his time was the product of these being who produced hybrids (yet, he won favor with Elohim).”

(Last narration of Git) It was in the kings vault where Git died, but with the secret of scroll four and five, he died after several days, perhaps he read more scrolls, I don’t know (not yet anyhow), and last I heard he was on earth, with his father.

Note: Written at home, 11/15,2006, Lima, Peru (at home)

Index of Characters and Planets
For “The Brutes…” series:

Characters (exceptions*):

Nanoc= The Ghoul (third generation of demonic hybrid from Cibara)
Ahtas=10-year old Girl from Moiromma (sacrifice)
Siren (Queen of SSARG, and Space Wonderer)) born in the vaults of Hell
Tangor: Space Traveler [Friend to Siren] Earthling, some stock of Mu
Rognat: Space Traveler [Friend to Siren] Earthling (no other universal stock)
Morg=Great Hunter of Moiromma
Kahg=Moiromma Warrior
Yob [father to Morg] Hunter and Warrior of Moiromma
Opus: Pure Demon from Cibara/Escaped from Earth’s Hell
Belphegor: King of the Demons in Hell [on Earth]
Git: son to Tfarcevol the Wise

Tfarcevol (Tig) the Wise (on Earth, from Moiromma)
King Roliv (King of Rotma)
Yllim (Moon Prince of Roliv, son to King Roliv)
Jokaneen (mother to Siren, dead, but sprit form residue)) born On Ice Cap, citizen of Moiromma
Arallets (Daughter to Siren, granddaughter to Jokaneen)
King IL Gnow, of Asteroid-Ice Cap

General Laruz of SSARG (Viper)
Assistant General Nakluv of SSARG (Viper)

* Australopithecus

Planets, Moons and Galaxies, & Cities (exceptions*):

Planet: Moiromma [by solar system next to Earth’s]
Planet: SSARG: in the Black Galaxy
Planet: Gray: in the Black Galaxy
Planet: Cibara [Just beyond Moiromma]

Moon: Rotma (140,000 miles from SSARG)
Moon (Asteroid type): Ice Cap (100,000-miles from Moiromma, 600-inhabidents))
3000-miles in circumference)) Land of the Pygmies (with Membrane Noses)

Black Galaxy (or Dark Galaxy)
Milky Way (Earth’s Galaxy)

Brutes Vile (on: Moiromma)
Moira (on: Moiromma)

*Land of Nay (on the Moon or Planetoid of Rotma)
*Cold Lands (Arctic regions of Moiromma)
*Moiromma’s Ice Underworld
*Mount Nomreh (in Moiromma’s Underworld)
*The Widows Well (in the underground caves of Moiromma)

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The Brutes of Planet Moiromma [Episode #4] "The Great Secret of Moiromma"

The Brutes of Planet Moiromma

[Part of the: Cadaverous Planets]

Episode #4

The Great Secret of Moiromma

[Part One of Three]

The King

King Morg had two reptilian-walruses guarding his cave palace entrance, he had summed the son of Tfarcevol (Tig) the Wise, Git, to his cave chambers to learn the “Great Secret of Moiromma,” its beginning, which was hidden someplace in the icy underworld of Moiromma. The upper part of the cave system was a maze in itself, and no one of this generation had ever seen the icy underworld, and how to even get to it, and somewhere in that world was hidden ‘The Books of the Beginning,’ bound in skin, centuries old, if not millenniums.
It was fall on Moiromma, and the ice was thickening all about, and the winter winds were coming in, and likewise for the icy underworld. Git was asked to promptly go see the king. It was simply enough for him to understand why, he wanted the Historical documents of the planet; they were hidden in some remote place, in the arctic like underworld of the planet. Just where no one really knew, except Git’s father, Tig, and of course he was on earth at this time.
When Git entered the throne room, in the cave-domain, the king met him, in somewhat of a friendly manner, yet his eyes burned icily for satisfaction, and absolute obedience,
The king was cleaver, as we all know now, and said right off: “You know what I want Git?”
“I think so,” Git replied in a mesmeric kind of silence, one that irritated the king.
Morg’s massive limps now swung to and fro, Git moved backward, to keep his distance, should his temperament rise much more, he’d be dead with a single blow. Git was no Brute, like the king, perhaps one-third his size.
“I had hoped you’d resist so I could break your spine, then I got thinking, I’d not get my scrolls then, so I shall do the next best thing, lock you in the caves, and feed you lightly until you go on this journey. You shall not be release from the tunnels and caves until you bring me the scrolls.” And the king laughed to high heaven, and Git was brought to the tunnels, unending tunnels of the underworld, like a maze of catacombs.


Git, had stood hand and hand by the king for a moment, was going to tell him ‘My father never told me of the exactly where the scrolls were, ‘ and that would have been the truth. But what he did not tell him was, ‘I know there is a well that leads down to the underworld, which floats on a sheet of ice 10,000-feet thick, and due northeast, there a mountain, or mound (he was not sure) and on top of that as a structured, wherein was the scrolls.’ It would have only ignited his anger more should he heard such an excuse, so again say, he said nothing, and was taken to the maze of tunnels, were some 2000-miles long under the surface of the planet (the planet being a little smaller than Earth’s moon, and Earth’s moon being about one forth the size of Earth, thus, Moiromma was perhaps a little over miles round; so 2000-miles of tunnels was a lot of tunneling).

As Git explored the interior for several weeks, he found while remaining in the area of Brutes Ville (above him that is), he found the walls of the tunnels, and caves were crumbling much more than beyond the village, as a result, he went deeper into the labyrinth of caves and tunnels. Along the way he found many old inscriptions from a lost empire, hieroglyphics on pillars, warn away for the most part, then he found the well, the Widows Well, a deep well with strange carvings on it, around it. He dropped some rocks into it, he never heard them land, but he seen red leering eyes, weirdly proportioned, it scrambled about, made him dizzy, then it hissed, and snatched him, the red eyes glomming into his, he wanted to yell but he couldn’t.
It was a two hundred pound spider; old as the pit perhaps: the spider had him wound up in its web tight cocoon, like ropes around him, it was useless to struggle; the pain he suffered was undescript, intense as the old widow, then tightened its grips around Git, to the point the old fellow dropped dead, just like that, and when it fell to the bottom of the well, a repercussion—shock, shook the well, and Git came unwound, and thumbing down with the cocoon rope, and as it reached the end, he got but a pump on the head, his feet kicking to the sides of the well slowed him down, and the jerking of the threads of the web-rope slowed his fall, and by the time he hit the ground it was no more than a thump.
The spider was nothing but a staring corpse now. Git, had found a sharp rock, and started cutting open the old hide of the spider, and used it for his winter coat, although he stunk to the high heaven.

Note: Written at El Parquetito’s (during Lunch), Lima (Miraflores), Peru, 11/13/2006

The Brutes of Planet Moiromma [Episode #6 "]The Australopithecine Experiment"

The Brutes of Planet Moiromma

[Part of the: Cadaverous Planets]

Episode 6

The Australopithecine Experiment
(Under Planet Moiromma)

On top of the mountain, Git his eyes full of an ancient wonder, one perhaps only his father had seen. He was looking forward to the moment he’d find the vaults, and book, but the giant monument of stone, seeming over 20,000 tons of stone, heaped in a number of circles, with two entrances, he marveled at it. It was 250-feet in diameter, and seven feet tall, each right, it had many tombs on it, perhaps five hundred or more. In the center was a giant alter of sorts, like a grand tomb.
Git went directly to the center tomb; there he found an entrance,
and a lower section, there in one of the rooms he found the book, in a small stone coffin. He opened it, and what he read, and he only read the first scroll, was:

—Scroll One: Historical Data on the Giants and Monument: “(In those far off days)” there were giants here, whom came from Earth of old, the Old Ones, they called them, they with their angelic fathers had built this shrine, tomb or what have you here, it is beyond me. They had run from God, escaping Earth, and in the this time, the underworld was the only place that could contain them, that they new of, they felt safe. It as a time before king Moir, and for the most part, the inhabitants didn’t know much of who they were; a primitive breed they were deed, and the planet was plush with all sorts of foods and animals, and population was ten fold, in comparison to now; the underworld was not frozen but beautiful rivers, this mountain you climbed, was called Mount Nomreh. They had taken earth women, and felt they were able-bodied, and fit for them, in and in spirit and flesh produced a hybrid being, and many grew ugly as sin, and others were giants. Here is where they lived…”

The hides and the paper was old, and (hides from the devil rats).

—Scroll Two: Historical Data on Moiromma (The Great Secret of Moiromma): “When the inhabitants of Moiromma, had to abandon the planet because of a tilt in its orbit, causing the whole planet to become an arctic region (for the most part), they were biologically reconstructed, to produced offspring as well as building into their systems a form of resurrection upon death, that was merely a transformation process (something learned from the Comet Beings or the Old Ones), and regeneration, thus giving them as many as one hundred lives to live, within a period of 500 to 900 years; but this deadened the reproduction system to the females, as we knew it would, and wanted it to, in fear of overpopulating a planet that was almost dead.
“The residue part of her soul would appear on anther planet (upon death), and like vapor transforming into a flesh, one would reappear as a mature creature, in full form on some selected planet, with perhaps a few modifications from the process.”

—Scroll Three: Australopithecine Experiment/or: The Comet People: “The original primitives of Moiromma, the first life on this planet of any intelligence (other than the beings that brought them here), came from another planet, as was the source of Earth’s first primates of any form of reasoning (excluding the Jewish Adam and Eve; prior to them); this group called the Comet People, took the primates from earth, The Australopithecine Experiment they called it, (Cavemen)) ape like beings, of the Pleistocene epoch)), from Earth, and planted them on Moiromma (known to them as the: Primitives of Moiromma). These people or beings came from one of the moons ((from Jupiter perhaps)), they were a universal force, with no DNA (the basic component of life on earth) make up in their biological cells. They also populated Planet SSARG (but with animalistic physical make up, and a scanty formal reasoning capability—perhaps more an experiment). In addition, they perhaps planted seeds liken to these on other planets. This race, extraterrestrial whom seem to go around populating planets, have this mysterious cell structure, and can add and subtract according to planet and environment, living conditions needed, that is perhaps where the DNA comes into play on earth (it was God given)) for they had none, but once given they used it)) perhaps angelic in form)); as all scientists know Moiromma, has a different cell structure, as it has two hearts, and thicker blood, all needed as a kind of antifreeze for its climate.”

—Letter: “The forth scroll, is hidden in another rat skin, and I have not told anyone where it is and it tells of the race that once lived on this beautiful planet, that was more luscious than earth, should I die without telling anyone, it will be of no harm to the seeker of this information (it is the race that was in-between the Giants and the King Moir)): let me explain: first there was the 1) primitives, 2) then the Giants came 3) and somehow there came a third group who mingled with the primitives, I shall call them the Old Ones, or Shinning Ones, they did the zoological transplants 4) and now it is us, the new breed, we are the mixture of them all: Moirommalit’s, for the most part. Of course we are a crossbreed now of our nearby planets, as is Siren the Great, and a few others.”

Authored by Tig the Wise
Taken from the original scrolls of Planet Moiromma.

Note: Written at home, 11/14,2006, Lima, Peru (San Juan, Miraflores)

The Brutes of Planet Moiromma [Episode 5] "Moiromma's Icy Underworld"

The Brutes of Planet Moiromma

[Part of the: Cadaverous Planets]

Moiromma’s Icy Underworld
And Devil Rats

Episode #5

At the end of the well, was a floating mass of Ice, 10,000-feet thick, 985-miles from one point to the other, perhaps 400-miles north and south, the most inhospitable landscape in all of Moiromma. There ice-worms and arctic spiders, and were in abundance, and other creatures, much more than on the surface. There was a great food supply untapped here. Beyond the walls of the upper world, Git found himself a fortress of blue ice, eons old and condensed. A plateau desert of ice creatures; as he moved out onto its ice sheet, he new in this darkened crisis, concentration was absolute, lest he end up with frozen limps, no toes, and ears.
Git found himself stumbling about, using only his intellect and instinct for a guide, he had to go northeast, to a mountain his father told him about, there on top would he find what he was looking for, the secret vaults, and part of the Moiromma Canon (The Book of the Beginning.) It was a challenge, but somehow he found enthusiasm, death awaited for him in back of him, and perhaps in front of him, but he was of a mission he never thought he’d have, and curious was his soul.
After several days of walking, eating worms, and spiders he found the Leopard Rats (as his father said he would, should he ever venture into the frozen underworld, as now he was); Git stood by several of them, off in a distance that is, watching several come up to an underworld reptilian-walrus, it was itself hunting solo, this was an underground haven for them it would seem, and a favored hunting place for the rats likewise. On top of the mountain, there was thin ice, so again, his father had told him, ‘Should you make it this far’ there would be his escape route, once he climbed it, found the book.
In any case, what he witnessed in the next few minutes, was strictly terror, the seven or eight rates, about 200-pounds per rat, circled the huge elephant like beast, and with their powerful jaws, these devil rates (who had closed in on the beast, and were opportunistic hunters) took on the beast in a battle, all four sides of the best was covered by the fighting rats, having deep jackhammer jaws sounding, used for scaring off other prey, and hanging on to its newly captured prey (that is, other beasts wanting to rob the kill for meat and blubber); thus, the rates tore the beast to shreds, pulling out his insides, completely out of him leaving an empty shell of a beast.

Note: Written at home, 11/13,2006, Lima, Peru (San Juan, Miraflores)

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The Brutes of Planet Moiromma [Episode #2 ] "Morg the Hunter"

The Brutes of Planet Moiromma

[Part of the: Cadaverous Planets]

Episode #2

Morg the Hunter: of Planet Moiromma

Tangor, Space Traveler


Morg, of Moiromma, was a great hunter in the cold lands of the planet, He was only beaten once in a fight also, and by non other than Kahg, who almost became king of the planet. Now gone somewhere in the universe, somewhere in the Black Galaxy it was said, perhaps the Gray Planet (the very one Siren had been stranded one.) He hunted the great Reptilian-walruses (whom weighed some 2000-pounds, and had tusks several feet long, they were captured and used, for the mud arena battles (similar to earth’s gladiators days, one might point out, if they could make comparisons); in what was named by Tangor, Brutes Ville; in last of the town-let having no name. He was a loner and somewhat of mystery. His father being none other than ob, Tangor killed who fought with Kahg, for the kingship of Moiromma, and both, along with a loudmouth spectator. In any case, he held no grudges, and Yob was last here to have been on earth, thus, it was perhaps a day to have been killed for him, earth being more suitable, as far as living conditions went than Moiromma.
During the last great battles of the Brutes, it happened to be Morg was present, and he watched Tangor, as well as the stranger that annoyed him behind him, and how he battled with his father and Kahg. He was somewhat impressed with his skill. Nonetheless, he held no grudges against Tangor. Brutes Ville, but he had his eye on something more than the battle that day, he was hoping his father would win, and perhaps he’d be king thereafter.

There was a thunderous sound coming down the slopes, to the nearby valley, and then the rattling of the huts of the 15,000 residents in the Ville, the sound was a booming sound, ‘boom-boom,’ it made the earth vibrate, and made the inhabitants a trifle curious, to the point they all let their above to see what was happening. There they stood at the edge of town, their faces split into shock, spellbound, everyone was terrified, and it is hard for a Moirommalit’s to get terrified, believe you me. Here they saw two-hundred or more mysterious looking creatures –a gray maze, blobs coming down, snow flying about like dust, and the Hunter, as they called Morg, was leading them right toothier town-let.

The Moirommalit’s had never seen a stamped for the most part, and the idea came, somewhat came, from Tangor’s stamping into the mud arena, and suddenly killing everyone, and taking a spectator with him. So Morg got the idea, and reversed it. He took 200-prize beasts out of the Arctic region, total weight over 40,000 pounds of muscle, and blubber coming down upon to the village, it would devastate it, and its inhabitants, like Tangor did in the arena. Surprise and overwhelming odds would do it, Morg told himself.
He was the greatest hunter the planet had, and the beasts feared him, that he’d kill their children unrepentantly, when they were sleeping, he often did that anyways, and somehow he got this across to the beasts, if they would not help him, and perhaps he’d leave them alone for a spell thereafter. In any case, they were coming down a slop of sorts, now in the valley coming towards their homes (more like huts), sliding like penguins on ice.
Just inches away from the edge of the Ville, Morg stopped the beasts, whom had massive fins, two in the front and two in the back; long necks, and a huge rounded body with a back extended (Reptilian-walruses).
“Make me king!” he demanded of the people, or ill hove all the village smashed, and those of you here along with it.”
(The Ville had no choice, it would be half of the planets doom should they not heed his words. Behind the village was the caves, they could run into them, and in the tunnels, but could not last forever there, and when they came out the beasts would be hungry. So grisly, they accepted his terms, and he became king. And thus, a new kingdom was born.

Note: Written at El Parquetito’s (during lunch), Lima (Miraflores), Peru, 11/11/2006

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The Brutes of Planet Moiromma [Episode #3] Morg and the Menacing Ghoul of Planet Moiromma

The Brutes of Planet Moiromma

[Part of the: Cadaverous Planets]

Episode #3

Morg and the Menacing Ghoul of: Planet Moiromma


Stretched faced, down in the dirt, hiding in a knot of brown grass and ice, the menacing ghoul, was looking for Morg, figuring he’d get him out the way, and do his dirty deeds in Brutes Villa, but Morg would not show his face, nor cold he run to the cold lands here his beasts perhaps could protect him, the Reptilian-Walruses. On the other hand he had contemplated warning the tribe, the Villa, of there were perhaps some 15,000 inhabitants; He as not fearful of many things, but perhaps only Siren, Tangor, Rognat and the Ghoul. And as far as a menacing ghoul, how does one fight one so was his way of thinking.
I cannot tell you in any modern terms the anger he was feeling though, for the loss of his rulership of Moiromma. In a world where beast, man and envy were almost equal in a man’s soul, it is hard to describe. It was Tangor who dethroned him because he wanted to be worshiped, and when he said he’d not press the point with his people, Tangor didn’t believe him, and having watched him fight before in the mud arena, he vanished, figuring he’d return to the Villa, after he left (he was headed for the planet SSARG, in the Black Galaxy)) or otherwise known as the Dark Galaxy)); so now was his time to take his throne back. But the Ghoul came into existence from some far off planet, perhaps the Gray Planet, and figured he’d get into he act, take what he wanted, which was to be worshiped.
But again, I should remind you, he was in the Villa, hiding by the caves, and the Ghoul, now had given up his search for Morg, and took on his quest—grisly he stood in mid air, perhaps as tall as twenty Reptilian-Walruses stacked on top of one another, he stood at the edge of the Caves, and made his demands.

The Ghoul

So it was the Ghoul, standing at the edge of the entrances of the caves (the caves ere cut out of solid limestone formations, unto its tunnels, eons earlier; nothing remarkable about their architecture, rooms somewhat rectangular, some circular, others oval; the corridors somewhat twisty in shape, some straight. There was in the caves, some tubs placed long ago, in the ceilings, of somekind of radioactive lighting; no one touched them, no one knew what they were, and Tangor had told the people of Moiromma, the source of power in those tubes were the same as in his spacecraft, thus, they would kill should they fool around with them.)
Morg, was still hiding in the same brown, icy grass, it was summer on Moiromma, a short season indeed, but a time when green grass grew, and turned brown within days.

Said the Ghoul Nanoc, “Build me a pyre on the edge of town, then bring me a sacrifice to burn,” he demanded of the people, “or face the consequence, or I will put spears through your double hearts in the middle of the night?”
And so it was a pyre to be constructed, out of blocks from the strata in the sandstone caves, and on the pyre, was put the dry brown grass Nanoc demanded, and all that was needed now, was the sacrifice, and the ghoul wanted a live youthful one, a young virgin would only do.

Nanoc data

The planet Cibara is just beyond the Asteroid Moon Ice Cap, which orbits the cold planet called Moiromma, just beyond our solar system— the Cibaralites its inhabiting demon or hybrids [Hybrids: implying as half Cibara and half demonic were originally brought to Cibara from earth, via angelic renegades (in time past), such as, Crick’el and Amasras, both demonic hybrids. These hybrids slept underneath the topsoil of the crust of the planet Cibara; thus, the caves of Moiromma were like home to some. The Ghoul, was an offshoot, of they hybrid and a full Cibaralite, yet he was more spirit than flesh; where many of the hybrids were more flesh than spirit. But they can be contained, if one was willing to try to capture one, and contain it. Its normal size could be personified, that is, stretched to its limits. Hence, it perhaps was only a fifty the size or a sixteenth the original size one saw. Having said that we must get back to the story.

The Pyre

The Ghoul gape at on child walking form on hut to another, and bellowed to those standing near her, “Take the child, she will do,” her name was Ahtas, the Granddaughter of Kahg, the Brute Warrior, his father fought, and was killed by Tangor; thus his wife now a widow of sorts. Morg saw this, as did many others, but what could anyone do, they had not faced such odds before, knew not how to fight a ghoul that could stand in mid air, look as huge as a hill, and still had substance as to grab a spear and cast it through flesh.
And so the child was put on the pyre, and the grass was lit, and no one saw the whereabouts of the great hunter, Morg.
The ghoul had never been worshiped before, it was a poisoned moment, he went wild as they bowed like slaves, he became a hungry cobra, the whole villa was under his evil horror of a twisted demonic spell, and Ahtas, was now feeling he smoke, the head, the first sacrifice, then the Ghoul announced, he was their god, no less would he be.

Tangor was returning from SSARG, he had a feeling, or Siren did, and se had telepathy, and she somehow informed Tangor, he was needed on Moiromma, and upon his return, he saw Morg hiding by the caves, and the ghoul standing abreast the pyre, and he child laying down on it, and a fire starting around her, and all of Brutes Villa, bowing to the Ghoul. Tangor had stopped on Cibara, and made a deal with Opus, a pure demon of Earth, who had escaped his old job, and who was hiding likewise from Hell’s Demonic King, Belphegor. Demons are many things but they are not omnipotent. And he was cleaver, save for the fact, he was not found in over 20,000-years. Thus, Tangor made a deal, swallow the Demon King, said: “Take him back with you to Cibara, and imprison him, lest you want me to inform the world, where you are, and the echoes will reach the halls of hell.”
Yes, it was blackmail, but in return, he would keep his safe haven. And the only way to catch a ghoul is to have favor with God, or get a demon cleaver demon or ghoul to do the work. And as Tangor descended the planet Moiromma, a vortex swept over the pyre, putting out the fire, and like a tornado—the ghoul was taken from Moiromma. At which moment, Morg ran to save the child, taking in the moment to be a hero, one that he really wasn’t, and thus, he was looked upon as just that.
A worthy king in the makings, and he made a deal with Tangor, should he be a righteous king, would he please not interfere, and let him go back to his throne, should the people of Moiromma not mind. Well, funny how people forget so soon the rot and ruin rulers bring to their people, in this case Brutes Villa, and so Tangor agreed, out of protest, but wise he figured to, for he figured: the people of Moiromma would get what they deserved with Morg, and had he stopped him, he would look like the thief.

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The Brutes of Planet Moiromma [Part of the: Cadaverous Planets] Episode #1 "The Brutes"

The Brutes of Planet Moiromma

[Part of the: Cadaverous Planets]

By Dennis L. Siluk

Episode One

Introduction: —I shall tell you how it all started; it was not as simply as I put it, in my concluding narration (at the end of this story, which was told to me first, and then the second version, ‘The Story’), if you have a little more time that is, if not you can read the conclusion. I don’t expect you to believe it all, it is one of those things you have to witness to fully believe and understand I myself am a little skeptical. So bear in mind, this, and simply read a good story, from a friend of Tangor’s and Siren’s, by the name of Rognat, whom told it to me, over a cup of coffee one afternoon, while visiting the British Museum, in London, a few years ago, he had heard I was in town, doing some studying on giants and the cultures of Malta, some cultures that dated to 5000 BC. But I believed the story (he is an old friend): as I was saying, I believed the story, even with its arctic atmosphere, and fantasy gap attached to it; and this race called Moirommalit’s’, that I had heard about before from him (but not this story of course) and so I shall share it with you. Actually I shall quote it to you, since I have a photograph memory. And keep in mind, the conclusion was told to me first, and making more time for Mr. Rognat, and coffee to boot, I got the longer version, and have added them both together here. DLS

The Story:

The Brutes

“Brutes depart, or fight, or they are killed, it is the way it is on the Planet Moiromma, a planet outside of earth’s solar system, with an arctic type climate. They have approximately six weeks out of their year, of spring and summer combined. Its population, last I heard was between 20,000 to 30,000 inhabitants, on this earthly moon size planet. Perhaps 15,000 of these inhabitants, lived around the cliff and cave area, where the dugout was, the mud arena, in lack of a name for the city we can simply call it Brutes Ville, it is where several mighty warriors of the planet went to challenge one another for the grand prize of Moiromma, the Kingship, given to the mightiest warrior on the planet.
“Let me give you a little background, before I go on: The old king died, he was 899-years old. Moiromma live between 500 and 900 years old, likened to earth’s inhabitants before their Great Flood. Whereupon, a contest is given to find a new king, it is a process of weeding out the weak.
“The Brutes, as they are known, have no qualms about this contest of might, it is part of their nature, and they take it more as a sport than anything else. It should be mentioned, Moirommalit’s have 100-lives, upon death, they reappear, regenerated to the same self they were prior to death, usually ending up on some other planet, and more often than not within the surrounding solar systems (how this is done, is a mystery to me, call it magical chromosomes, or whatever, it is the way it is).
“So the Brutes came from all over the planet to test their powerful fighting skills in the arena, for the crown. At the beginning of this contest all the contestants were tided onto reptilian-walruses, given only a dagger made of stone. They were all tied, all seven, legs tied and torso joined to the back of these creatures. These giant worms, as they are known on the planet; they are an ugly looking beast of prey, have fins, but no legs, and a smooth belly, and large tusks, and somewhat of a serpents head.
“And then the contest began, all the creatures with the Brutes on their backs were in the mud arena, only one man would walk out of this arena this day, so were the rules set eons ago, if not a Brute, then the last living animal would be set free, and brought back to the Cold Lands, equal to Earth’s arctic region.
“Said one of the onlookers standing behind a stranger looking down into the pit, “Kahg will no doubly win!” And then both the spectator, and stranger saw Kahg, a massive, muscular beast of a man, pull out his stone knife from his rope-belt tied around his abdomen, now on the back of the monster he dug deep into its flesh, its neck, like a vulture nibbling at a dying carcass with his stone knife, his deadly crud reaper: deeper and wider, deeper and wider, deeper and wider, he went until the beast was swimming around in the mud trying to throw the prey off his back, and blood and tissue and bone were all uncovered, poring over the side of its body. The Reptilian beast could not throw Kahg off his back, and now Kahg started opening up its skull, trying to slowly carve a crevice through to its brain, and when he did, the beast fell flat on its face, tusks deep in the mud.
“The spectators watched on with horror and delight, it was a bloody sight. Kahg then cut the ropes, freeing his frame and limbs, and stood victorious by the beast.”

((I suppose an earthling would have been astound and hurt at killing the beast that way, but on Moiromma, it is ceremonial, and welcomed day by all all).

Kahg & Yob

“Following Kahg’s victory, one after the other of the Brutes were defeated, until there was only Kahg and an old man, named Yob. They both looked like mad men, the reptilian beasts were all laying about dead, or dying, and pulsating and perhaps wishing their death would come quicker, out of prolonged agony. Kahg and Yob both had what I’d call equally powerful muscles; yet Kahg was more youthful, and therefore, his reflexes more alert, whereas Yob, being much older, was more skilled in death battles, and of course had never lost one.
“Said the voice behind the stranger, the spectator again, ‘I think both will kill one another?’ He was excited, alone, and wanted to share this moment of delight with someone else, I suppose.
“Said the stranger [annoyed], ‘Yes, yes…” and he mumbled something, and leaned over the pit a ting more to watch the finality of the conflict.
“It seemed Kahg, fought defensively, and Yob offensively, and the stranger picked up on this. Thus, saying to himself: there is a moment, a millisecond after an offensively fighters thrust, or call it forward reaction, that the offensive fighter has an opening, call it a blink of an eye, but it is how battles are won.
“Quicker than the eye could see Yob left his stance of battle and thrust his body forward, and lanced a wound into the neck of his opponent, thus, Kahg had the moment, that opening the stranger was talking about, and he was about to take advantage of it, and had he, he could have taken him by the shoulder, threw him down, as he was planning to do, and break his neck with his heal on his way down, but what took place was this: Kahg was in motion, his hand ready to push the already leaning Yob (leaning from his thrust in Kahg’s neck with his knife), when the spectator screamed, ‘Kill him now, now, now, now…!!” right in the back ear of the stranger. It as such a bellowing, and constant, that Kahg went to look up, and by that time, Yob had fallen and rolled several feet from Kahg, he was now safe.
“The stranger looked behind him, said: ‘You spoiled the battle,’ and as the man went to respond, there was a hesitation in his voice, a millisecond (he was thinking) and the stranger took advantage of that moment, grabbed his loose hand, and jumped into the mud arena, pulling him behind. As swift as could be, both surprised in the arena—Kahg and Yob, the stranger ripped out a seven-foot tusk from one of the nearby beasts, but a few feet from all three Moirommalit’s, and with one sweep, and perhaps three seconds, he ripped open the bellies of the fighters, and the spectator.” Rognat

[Conclusion]: It was a mad, ferocious era on Moiromma, as was this very day (women, children, males, everyone and everything was of the same make up). A time so long ago, I dare not say when, lest you call be a fraud.
Deep thunderous laughter came from above the pit-arena, where spectators were looking down into the battle-pit (several feet below them, a large mud hole, circle where beast and Brutes fought it out to the last man) here the Brutes were naked tied onto the savage beasts, the reptilian-walrus’ some 2000-pounds, with tusks several feet extended outwards; rugged humor above continued unabated, as the spectators looked down into the pit, for the contest of who would be king of Moiromma.
On Moiromma they were all fighters—women were tigresses, and men just plain beasts. There were very few children, but they were like cub-saber tooth lions.
Tangor had superior physique, keener wit and a brain that was more highly developed for combat: thus, when he jumped into the arena, he didn’t even reek with sweat, his muscles strained slightly, his quick and mighty blows rendered finality to the two left contestants in the arena, whom bodies now quivered on the ground, for its last moment of life; they were both merciless savages, that fought for the throne of Moiromma, but Tangor was quicker and surprised them both (but of course he didn’t want to be king; it was simply, his nature got the best of him; he was not of Moiromma stock, and of course looked different, but a few of the elite on Moiromma knew him, through Siren).
It was a no rules barred world (butcher as you may, if you can, was the unspoken philosophy of this planet in Earth’s neighboring solar system): as it may have seen to be this day in the battle that had taken place.
The inhabitants fought with tooth, knives, fists, fangs, claws, whatever was available—and so when Tangor jumped into the arena, ripped out of one dead Reptilian-beast’ tusk, and gutted both Kahg, and Yob, the two remaining contestants for the throne, five dead, and seven beasts dead now in the arena, it was a surprise yes, but not a paramount surprise, plus it wasn’t against any rules, and to a high degree it produced even more entertainment for the onlookers. Rognat

Note: Written at El Parquetito’s, Lima, Peru, 11/20/2006 [Dedicated to Ron Hanna]